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Employee Generated Content

A full suite of tools to help you increase engagement, boost company culture, and build a more authoritative brand that attracts top talent.

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The complete package

Easily collect user, customer and employee generated content. Quickly curate relevant, targeted feeds supplemented with brand content. Effortlessly publish content across your website, intranet, and digital signage solutions throughout your workplace and at events.

Employee generated content (EGC) solutions for digital signage, events and workplace communications
Boost engagement and productivity with employee generated content (EGC)

Boost productivity & engagement

Create more engaged, productive, and happier environments. Highlight what your teams are working on and promote greater knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Feature customer reactions and build a deeper understanding of your market and audiences. Share company news and strategic initiatives to improve efficiency, and connect local, remote, and global teams.

Foster brand values and culture

Build a community your employees love, and others want to join. Share team activities and spotlight employee achievements. Turn conferences, events, and celebrations into memorable experiences.

Drive philanthropic campaigns that build your brand’s social value. Promote transparency and build stronger, motivated teams with shared visions.

Foster brand values and culture with employee generated content (EGC)
Build authority and attract top talent with employee generated content (EGC)

Build authority & attract top talent

Users are 8x more likely to engage with employee generated content than brand created content. Leverage your best EGC for product announcements, thought leadership, and recruitment. Showcase across relevant touchpoints to boost brand credibility and engage the best talent. (Source: Social Media Today)

Build a community your employees love, and others want to join.

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