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Drive participation at your next event

Collect and leverage social proof to extend reach and drive engagement of your corporate, private and hybrid events.

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Immersive experiences

Create and publish real-time social media displays, styled to match your brand within minutes. Deliver exciting and memorable experiences at your next event that generate buzz, fuel conversations, and increase audience participation.

Increase audience participation at events with real-time UGC social media displays
Increase audience engagement at events with real-time UGC social media displays with direct uploads

Boost engagement

Capture content from your audiences across social. Let them directly upload and share their experiences via web, email, or in-person at your event. Mix brand and partner content in curated feeds to drive promotions and advertising.

Turn passive viewers into active participants

Bridge the gap between in-person and online audiences at hybrid events. Publish your most inspirational content across your website, app, and digital screens.

UGC displays bridge the gap between in-person and online audiences at virtual and hybrid events
Save time, reduce costs with user generated social proof

Reduce costs. Drive revenue.

Cut the time, cost, and headache of creating content. Capture user generated social proof to fuel your marketing journey for current and future events. Acquire rights for directly uploaded content and integrate it across your marketing touchpoints faster.

Drive participation and generate more revenue at your next event.

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