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Making marketing more human

Buzzspark simplifies the collection, curation, and integration of authentic, user generated content across marketing touchpoints. Our platform empowers brands to create relatable and memorable experiences at every step of their customer journey to raise awareness, build brand trust and loyalty.

The most human companies win

Our mission is to build robust, easy to use tools that help our customers build genuine connections with their audiences and drive growth.

It is fundamentally about putting your customers at the heart of your business and leveraging UGC to make marketing more relatable and human – making your business more profitable and sustainable.

Our team

We are a team of hands-on people, experienced marketers, strategic thinkers, technical gurus, design doers, and expert jugglers. We are supportive and appreciative of the value each of us brings to the team as whole - it propels us to innovate, pursue our goals, and feel proud of everything we accomplish together.

Our values not only guide how we interact with each other and our customers, they speak of who we are as individuals and how we view the world.

Buzzspark UGC Marketing Platform – Quality

We always bring our best to the table and focus on the quality we deliver. Helping our customers succeed is intrinsically what’s right for us. We thrive on sharing knowledge, continually learning, improving, and innovating.

Buzzspark UGC Marketing Platform – Integrity

We value diverse perspectives, embracing transparency and doing the right thing when faced with difficult choices. We grow stronger, together - you can move mountains with a foundation built on clear communication and trust.

Buzzspark UGC Marketing Platform – People-centric

We think of others and strive to make a positive impact in everything we do – be it finding a more authentic, true-tone approach to marketing, having fun as a team, or helping local communities and working towards a better society.

Buzzspark for Change

Social impact is fundamental to our culture, business, and long-term success. When we initially started discussing the idea, two themes emerged that shape how we actively get involved in supporting organisations passionate about creating a better, more sustainable, and equal world.

Buzzspark UGC Marketing - Be Local

Be Local

Every month we contribute our time or talent to help local organisations and projects that share our values. It’s akin to watching a seed blossom - and it gets us out of the office.

Buzzspark UGC Marketing - Be Inspired

Be Inspired

We discount our products and services for non-profit organisations all over the world that share our values and continually inspire us with all the wonderful things they do.