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Drive revenue with UGC

Inspire product discovery and purchasing confidence across your customer journey to build brand affinity and increase conversions.

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Foster discovery

Get people to discover and learn about your products by embedding curated UGC galleries across your online store – from product pages to ‘link in bio’, inspiration and lifestyle landing pages.

Engage visitors to draw inspiration from diverse styles captured by compelling and relatable images and videos posted by your fans.

Engage audiences and foster product discovery with UGC galleries
 Direct path to purchase with shoppable UGC via Hotspots and Call-to-Action buttons

Shoppable content

Tag your products where they appear in UGC with shoppable Hotspots or Call-to-Action buttons, providing visitors with a direct path to purchase - from the point of inspiration to checkout.

Inspire confidence

People trust people like them more than anyone. Give your customers the confidence to make purchasing decisions by placing real people sharing their experience of using your products on checkout and product pages.

Increase purchasing confidence with user generated content on product and checkout pages
Sync your product catalog and automatically tag your products in UGC

Sync products

Import product catalogues from your online store and effortlessly tag your products where they appear in UGC or have them automatically tagged when your fans directly upload images and videos from your product pages.

Let the content flow

Tap into an unlimited flow of creative and diverse content by empowering your fans to share their experiences using your products on social, or upload directly via your online store, digital signage, offline ads and more.

Tap into an unlimited flow of creative and diverse UGC with Buzzspark
Tap into an unlimited flow of creative and diverse UGC with Buzzspark

Focus on what matters

Curate content instead of creating content - with considerably less resources and effort. Acquire rights for directly uploaded content and integrate it across your marketing touchpoints faster. Leaving you time to focus on engaging your fans and building your community.

Increase conversions and get more people to discover your products.

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