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Scale as you grow

Everything you need to engage, reward, and grow loyal communities.

Events and Campaigns
Capture and showcase UGC on websites and digital displays.
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  • Direct upload forms
  • Capture UGC via social
  • Unlimited SourcesFeedsDisplaysViews
  • Realtime moderation
  • Brand and sponsored content
  • Showcase UGC on web, app, digital displays
  • Reports and analytics
  • Live chat and email support
Leverage social proof to drive conversions and lifetime value.
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Everything in Kickstart, plus...

  • Capture video uploads (300 mins/month)
  • Import product catalogues
  • Tag products in UGC
  • Shoppable galleries
  • Rights management
  • Showcase UGC in emails
Custom plans and agencies
Create unique experiences to engage, reward, and grow communities.
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Everything in Momentum, plus...

  • Custom features and limits
  • Capture content from X (Twitter)
  • Contests and voting
  • Adv curation and browser tools
  • Developer tools and RestAPI
  • Extended and Priority support
  • Assisted on-boarding and migrations

All plans include unlimited users. GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Detailed Comparison

User seats
Extended and Priority
Assisted on-boarding
Direct upload forms
Video uploads
300 mins/month
Capture content via social
Schedule social capture
Historic social content
Custom content
Content tagging
Feature and schedule
Custom feeds
Realtime moderation
Adv curation
Browser tools
Rights Management
Rights requests
Batch requests
Widget displays
Event displays
Sponsored content
Email campaigns
Contests and voting
Display views
Product catalogues
Tag products
Dynamic tagging
Shoppable galleries
No-code customisation
Developer tools
Rest API
Pixel tracking
GA Event tracking
Custom reports
Change log
Data retention
2 years
2 years
2 years

Harness the power of your customer stories

Grow your community with The Most Versatile UGC Platform.

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GDPR & CCPA Compliant.

Custom Plans

Need specific features or limits? Looking to manage multiple clients? Get in touch and we'll help you create a custom plan that fits your requirements.

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Non-Profit Pricing

As part of our Buzzspark for Change programme, we offer a 20% discount to non-profits helping create a better, more sustainable and equal world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our pricing and free trial.

  • Our pricing is based on the total amount of content (UGC Quota) in your account. Select your quota and pick the plan that’s right for your use-case. You can start low and increase the quota as you grow – no restrictions to stop you from getting the most out of your content.

  • UGC Quota refers to the total amount of content in your account. Each post or item of user-generated content acquired from social or direct uploads, or content uploaded by you counts as one item. We provide a range of tools to help you easily manage your content and we don’t automatically delete your content without your consent.

  • Don’t worry. We’ll notify you when you’re close to exceeding any limit and give you the option to upgrade. We don’t upgrade plans automatically, so you’re always in control.

  • No. We help our customers acquire and leverage UGC to grow their communities. We don’t apply any throttling or place any restrictions on how you acquire or use your content – it just makes sense!

  • Our 14-day free trial does not require a credit card. You get all the features in the Kickstart plan with a UGC Quota of 100. You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time. When your trial ends, we keep your account open for 30-days, at the end of which your account and data will be permanently deleted. We keep you posted throughout.

  • Not at all. Our platform is easy to use, and our no-code editors are comprehensive. You can customise and style experiences for your users via intuitive point and click interfaces. If you like getting under the hood, we also provide HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and API tools to create fully custom solutions.

  • Of course. You can change your plan or switch billing cycles at any time. Upgrades are immediate and fees for any unused time on your current plan are automatically prorated. Downgrades take place on your next billing date.

  • Yes, at any time. When you cancel your subscription, your plan will remain active until the end of your current billing period, after which it will not be renewed - no hidden charges.

  • We offer a 20% discount to qualifying non-profits passionate about creating a better, more sustainable, and equal world. Get in touch to confirm eligibility. Our annual plans are also discounted by 15%.